Xull'rae's Stare

Another free image from John and another image illustration for our logs. This one while abstract, shows Xull'rae sharing hatefully. In the log she is looking up at Cogliostro. This is my favorite image by John, I love the colors and I like what he did to her piwafwi.

You can view the illustration and read the entire log on our Story Site

Here is the snippet he had for a description:

When finished, Cogliostro's large frame rose from the table which towered over her diminutive form. "Yes, this will indeed be a most interesting partnership . . . You have one month’s time, as reckoned on the surface until you are to report for duty. Unless you have some means of instant transport, I would not tarry long in this city 'ere departing for Sshamath," his tone was serious and matter of fact.
The small woman craned her neck to look at him. Xull'rae stood not even to his chest as her exotic amber eyes gazed at him with malicious intent.
Her face became more exposed now with the upward tilt of her head. Undoubted drow hatred was mixed in with dark beauty that created a tapestry of sharp angles and planes in her features. She was a young woman full of spirit. Her pert mouth frowned; the movement of her delicate lips could easily be mistaken as a pout, but the strength behind her words belied that impression. "I'd watch how you word things . . . things like 'serve' and 'partnership', they are terrible words that could be misunderstood."