Tales of the Inn & its Patrons


::You roam the inn and you hear soft music coming from somewhere and you follow it, perplexed. A bouncer is in the corner nearby so you ask what else is available for entertainment::

"So the food, drink and rooms are not enough for you eh?" The short and fat gray dwarf booms in a gruff voice.

::You shake your head. Saying you want something soothing and more private.::

"Relaxation you say? What do you think the girls are for half wit?" The bouncer is looking at you strangely.

::You say you don't want girls. You want to find out what the music playing and the murmur of voices are.::

"What are you a "funny" person? You'd pass up a girl..to hear a damn story?" The fat bouncer looks completely dumbfounded. "To each his own I suppose!" The bouncer sighs shaking his head and jerks his thumb behind him. "Fine, fine... yes, yes... if you wanna story go in this direction."

::You nod and say thank you with a pleased grin.::

"Better hurry before that perky storyteller starts another one of her stories..it is RUDE to interrupt you know?"

::You think on which story you want to hear, when the bouncers voice snaps you back to attention.::

"Well go on, or stay here, even leave for that matter! Missy Yana will scratch my eyes at if I let you interrupt her. Then Master Cogliostro will strip my hide because I upset her! So if yer gonna go, GO!

::You yelp then side step the bouncer, picking up the pace and the voice and music grow louder.::

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