The Inn's Rules & FAQ


These rules are posted in every room (bedrooms too) in the Vengeful Weave. If you can't read, you can either ask or you will here it from word of mouth from any patron who cares to follow said rules.

(( OOC NOTE: These rules and the Site Game Rules expect to be followed. These rules here are easy enough to follow and are more to "pull your leg" than anything but the Site rules are a must to follow for everyone to have an enjoyable gaming experience.))

  • You break something, you pay for it. Don't pay for it and one of the bouncers will break you in a most painful and literal manner.

  • Brawls are nominally acceptable...but do keep in mind the city's laws on such matters, and OUR rule pertaining breaking things.

  • Don't get rowdy with the dancers or waitresses, unless they give permission. Keep in mind we will take their word over yours--always. So don't argue the point. That would simply provoke us, and the more provocation, the more pain will be coming your way.

  • Don't like the food or drink? You can take it up with Kail. Be warned she doesn't like complainers. If you don't want to deal with her, we'll just piss all over your meal and in your drink. That is guaranteed to make it taste oh so much better.

  • If you kill anyone, we will clean it up, but it WILL go on your bill or tab. We do not, however, guarantee any protection from the local authorities in such matters.

  • Tabs will be paid when the innkeep sees fit. Don't have the money when it is asked for? Thats fine. We will simply take you into custody, confiscate all your items, and depending on our whims (and how much value your loot is worth), either kill you or sell you into slavery. That way your tab has been paid for as far as we are concerned, and you will never have the chance to run up another one again.

  • Want a room for a night or a few, but have no money? Then go find another inn, unless you have the inkling and talents to take on a job within the establishment. If so, see the innkeep for details.

    These rules and guidelines are concrete, yet there is nothing to say they are complete. In other words, if a situation should arise in which we choose to make and enforce a new ruling, so be it. Deal with it, child, for you are in our world now....