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Site Title

As the drow campaign progresses and gains more players, so too will the rules expand and change.
We are not intending to be rude by placing slight restrictions to the players, but as most will know and understand, some players can be immature, rude and/or impatient. If you are one such person, and cannot follow the simple guidelines outlined below, then please do not submit your character concept. It would be wasting our time, as well as that of other players and your own.

©2004 Suechan
Commissioned Artwork, No Use Without Express Written Permission

1. Please be detailed when filling out a character concept. The reason is simple: It helps us get back to you quicker with an answer, so that you can either make changes or schedule a session to roll up your stats (ability scores).
Do not constantly pester us about your "status". That will make you appeal to us less and beget a slower response.
In the event that you are approved, you will be asked to download AIM (unless you are already an AOLer or AIMer). We run the game sessions in AOL/AIM chat rooms, so this is a must. Once you have done so, you will be taken into a chat room to roll out your stats in front of a witness and the DM. This is explained more, in our House Rules section.

2. If you have fully completed step one, then you need to fully familiarize yourself with the campaign House Rules. We have made some minor changes and/or additions to the core game mechanics that you need to be aware of. So PLEASE familiarize yourself with them before moving any further along in the process.
If you have questions you may contact the DM or post on our Message board. The board is free to join, and is a great way to meet other players as well as find information that my not be on the site itself, like game times and so on.
You are responsible for completeing your character, so be sure to get a character sheet done and submitted to the DM. You are also responsible for keeping current with campaign news and such, so again, the boards are not entirely mandatory, but they are useful in keeping up with such infomation.

3. Due to space limitations and our work schedules, if you can do HTML, it would be best if you made your own character page (character history and character sheet) for posting on the web. Of course we will add your link to the site if you do make your own, so that people can view your character. If you cannot do HTML, then eventually we will add you to the site and design a page for you. To reiterate, we will not actually make your character, that is your job. We'll simply transfer such information as you provide onto a web-enabled character sheet as time allows.

4. Our time is heavily booked. It takes a lot to design a website, let alone individual pages, so please be kind and DO NOT take advantage of rule # 3. Do note that it may take a few weeks or more for use to make a character page for you due to the type of coding involved. So again, it is best advised that you make your own page and link back to us.
If you expect us to design one, all we are doing is setting up the coding (if you prefer graphics such as pictures and music you can submit them or ask us to find something suitable if you like our tastes), however the character content such as history, description and character sheet, have to be done by you. WE WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU! It is not our character, do not be lazy!
(Yes, rule 4 was a blatant reiteration of rule 3, placed here because so many prospective players have somehow ignored it.)

5. We, as the creators of this site and campaign, reserve the right to deny any character submission or kick out any player/character who has violated the terms in which we set. Don't like it, try the Drow Fortress, maybe they are not as pressing as we are.

6. This is a D&D campaign, not a Rhy'Din-style Guild or Forum. While yes, in some ways it may seem like one, we assure you that it is not. You are free to do with you character as you see fit within the context of our rules and guidelines. You may even game with other people and other players any time. Just bear in mind that anything done without the DM present is "unofficial" and does not count toward EXP, or even the campaign plot in most cases.
You may submit an unofficial "log" to the DM to seek approval for making it official, but he has the final say. In the event of your submission for such being accepted, it'll be catalogued with the other logs and you'll be awarded XP and/or added to the plot at the DM's discretion. This is RARE, so don't expect it to happen often.
In the event that it is denied, you may still post it on the boards in the Quest and Story line section if you wish others to partake of it.

7. There are certain rules of etiquette for our players to adhere to. They are as follows:

    Respect other players
  • No player bashing! If you feel you need to, then that is for IM's and will not be tolerated in rooms, for you will be TOSed.
  • If you have a problem with another player, and cannot resolve it between you and the offending party, then take it to the DM. No need to cause an uproar for everyone.
  • Please do know the difference between reality and fantasy. Do not take an insult to your character as a slight to the player. If this ensues then take one of the actions listed above.
  • Fights do ensue between characters. Face it and accept it. Be tasteful and fair. If you are afraid of your character getting killed, then DO NOT JOIN our campaign. In the campaign, player vs. player is allowed, and happens on occasion. The only hard and fast rule is that the epic characters are not to bully around the non-epic ones. Now, that isn't to say that an epic character cannot defend themselves should a non-epic character choose to take action against him or her. We have rules, know them, and follow them.
  • No taking control of another playerís character without their permission. The exception to this rule is a player leaving a session without give a closing for their character. In this event, the DM may make the call on what to do with that character. Players may not control another playerís character even at this point unless the DM gives the go ahead.
  • If you must leave a session while it is still going, please prepare an exit for your character from the scene. If you cannot, PLEASE give the DM a basic idea of what to do with your character. If you do not, the above rule will take effect. NEVER ASSUME that leaving your character out in the open, unprotected, even in a group that your character will be safe. This is an Underdark campaign; it is dangerous to even trust your allies, so never expect the DM to keep your character safe. If the DM is not available (possible connection issues or is busy) please leave your idea with a fellow player, to relay to the DM.

    Respect the DM (Dungeon Master)

  • He has final ruling of what happens during the campaign. After all he did make it and the site. He's generally nice so you should show him the same courtesy.
  • Players need to be patient and should pay attention to their buddy list to see who is on. If many are on, then they are probably talking to the DM, so donít go all at once to IM.
  • Don't always IM him right away, if it's not very important or it can wait, be considerate and e-mail him or write on these boards in the questions and answers thread, that is sometimes faster to use. You'll always get a response so never fear.
  • Don't be greedy to game! This means, do not under any circumstances expect the DM to drop everything and do a session at the time and day you want to without giving him advance notice (two or three days ahead of time) and you both must agree on it.
  • Do not constantly ask us when we are going to game. Any who read this, please pass it along to other players. START CHECKING the Announcement forum on the boards, because more often than not it will state when we will game. By slacking, we don't mean stop. If there are no times listed or info period, then you may ask.
  • Don't expect us to invite you to sessions often, if at all. If you know we are gaming and want to play, have an idea of how you want to be worked in and ASK to join in. It is RARE if we invite folks in without having an idea for them to be a part of a session. So if you feel neglected, stop feeling "shy" or "annoyed" that you were overlooked or be afraid to IM we because we might be busy. If we are gaming Wednesday at 12pm EST and it's that day and time and it's now 12:30 and you weren't sent an invite, it's because we don't know if YOU are busy or we don't know how to work you in. IM us and find out what's up, because most times the DM will not ask players to game. PLAYERS have to decide with the DM when they want to game.
    In the event of a solo, it will be stated on the boards, and it will be up to the star player as to which other players are invited. So do not ask the DM if can you join in, ask the player who set up the session. If they say no, do not get upset, ask the DM for your own solo at a later time!
  • Whenever in a session, please be prepared! DO NOT pester the DM to constantly look things up for you. This slows him and the session down by waiting for you or him to go. If you do not have access to the game books, ask another player if they will help you. Be considerate, and if this will take significant time, SKIP your turn and let the posting order continue, until it is your turn again. Keep skipping if necessary until you are truly ready.
  • Do not ruin the session for everyone. If you disagree with the DMís move on your character by situation or NPC, let him know in IMs and leave the session or take the move and continue on. DO NOT argue with him constantly, demanding he change his post. This is rude and holds up our gaming time. WAIT until the session comes to a close and then discuss what bothered you, NOT DURING a session. No one wants to listen to gripes or demands that things are not as you like them. Handle your disagreement with maturity; logs can be edited later if necessary.

    No illicit or inappropriate conduct

  • If your character falls in love with a fellow character, we encourage that and are happy for you. However, graphic sexual conduct is not something everyone wants to see. So please be considerate and go to a room that is private. Pinching of bottoms, or even feeling someone up is tolerated to a degree, until the previous statement ensues.
    Surely, we have sexual connotations and innuendos abounding throughout the campaign, but when it comes to actually playing out sex acts, or cybering, if you will, itís not generally done, at least not within a group session. Itís rather distasteful to a lot of people, and is better off left for private sessions than in group.
    By no means are we saying you can't do it, but we are saying that if you are going to get down and dirty in full detail, take it to another room, don't subject everyone else to yer whims and the need to get yer rocks off, as it were. If you wish to log it and have us upload the session as part of the downloadable logs, we will, though it is still up to our discretion as to whether it gets posted on the actual storyboard or not.
    DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND THIS RESTRICTION! This is an evil aligned campaign, and a primarily drow one at that (though for some reason too many people get the misconception that drow are more promiscuous and erotic on the whole than they actually are), and as such sexual situations and connotations do arise on a regular basis, and fit well into the story on many occasions. We just don't want anyone subjected to it that doesn't wish to be subjected to it, and we aren't promoting it as the basis of our entire campaign (as some other drow players have done and continue to do in the world of AOL chat).
    In short,
    it is fully condoned for players to interact in such a way so long as they don't do it in front of everyone, unless everyone is agreeable to it at the time. It is up to each individual player how they want to deal with sex and violence upon another player character, the parties involved must agree to it, EVERYONE involved!
    And just to note, the DM does NOT cyber with anyone in the role of an NPC, just not his thing. Other than with Xull'rae, that is, as she's his In Real Life.
  • This campaign is not for the intolerant. If you get offended by certain subject matter, such as sex, murder, religion, etc...DO NOT JOIN! Along these lines, make sure that you can keep player and character separate. If your character is the intolerant one, then we expect you to play him/her as you see fit but do take note that other characters make have a strong dislike for yours. At the same time, the player may commend you, depending on who you interact with.
  • This campaign is not for crybabies or whiners. We expect a level of maturity in all the players. If someone is pestering you please refer to the Respect the players section.

    What we expect
    We expect you to adhere to everything mentioned above. There are also a few more key points to remember.

  • In character, be fair (or unfair) as your character is designed to be, but as stated before, be tasteful and mindful of the other players. This is supposed to be fun.
  • If you are clueless as to what is going on, ask one of the players or DM himself in IMs. Please refrain from just barging in and being critical of a character and their actions without knowing what's going on.
  • Chat room guidelines
    • Keep OOC (Out of character) to a minimum.
    • If it is at some point stated that no OOC isallowed in a room, talk in IM's only.
    • If you IM the DM and do not get a response, IM Xull'rae, she'll help you. It means he's most likely too busy at the moment.
    • No interrupting someone's post deliberately. Accidents do happen and sometimes folks overlap. That is fine. Otherwise, wait until the player up to bat is finished before you begin your post.
    • Pay attention to posting order. Not doing so causes gameflow to slow down, wasting valuable time. After a certain time, the DM will skip your turn if you have not gone and no one can get hold of you in IMs.
    • No one is to invite friends or other players into a session chat room without the DM's permission first.
    • If you leave a session because you are impatient and/or bored due to someone taking too long with their post, or for any other reason, DO NOT expect to be invited back into the chat room. If this happens more than once, you'll most likely be booted from (kicked out of) the campaign.
    • Sometimes, chat rooms glitch, causing any number of problems. In such cases, please be patient. We'll re-invite you and send what you missed via e-mail if the glitch happens to boot you or crash the room entirely. Also, anytime Xull'rae gets booted from the room, stop posting immediately, and wait until her return. She is the campaign logger, and when she's not there, anything posted is not recorded.
    • Too many IM's to the DM at once will slow down his interaction in the room. Bear this in mind when you IM him or expect him to post soon.
    • The more players there are in a room, the slower the session will be, because it goes on a turn basis. So if there are more than 4 folks in a room, try to keep your posts shorter than 5 lines as a general rule. The DM is usually exempt from this as he has to set scenes and play several NPCs in most cases.
  • This campaign is for serious role players, who should be mature in nature. No we are not discriminating against any particular age group. One's physical age is oft times not a good indicator of their maturity level. We just want you aware of what we are looking for in players who want to join.
  • We, the keepers and creators of this site, do have lives outside and beyond the campaign. Which means we are not always available to speak to directly, but if you have a question, concern or comment you wish to express then e-mail us and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Please refer to rules 3 & 4 at the top of this page for the time frame it might take for us to respond.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we do reserve the right to dismiss you from game play either by probation or permanent eviction if you break any rules. Judgements will be determined based on the situation, on a case by case basis.

If you agree to and accept all terms and conditions above, then please feel free to Submit your character. If you are already a current player and have not signed up for the message board please do so, or at least have a look to see if anything important is going on! We expect people to at least keep tabs on the Game Times thread in the boards.

Page updated: January 28th, 2006

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