The Web of the Spider Queen consists of a densely packed cluster of small stalactites and stalagmites enmeshed in a vast nest of spider webbing. The preeminent temple of Lolth in Sshamath, the Web was once the seat of true power when the matron mothers of the noble houses reigned supreme. Although all priestesses of Lolth are still educated within the sprawling temple complex, the Conclave of Sshamath is the true power in the city. While the drow of Sshamath have never formally repudiated Lolth's worship, her faith inspires only token obeisance among the population, and even less deference among the wizard caste.
Like most Sshamath institutions, the temple's residents fabricate a wide range of magical items. Lolth-worshiping wizards create spells and magical items that fall within the Spider Queen's sphere of influence, particularly those that relate to arachnids, such as Cloaks of Arachnidia, Rings of Arachnid Control, Spider Fang daggers, Spider Harnesses, and Spider Keys. The Spider Queen's clergy--restricted to females in Sshamath--have established a lucrative market for their services, assisting wizards in fabricating enchanted items when a clerical component is required.
Ilharess Laele Zauviir, seventy five additional priestesses, and one hundred twelve lay worshipers serve at the Spider Queen's temple.

Current Clergy

  • Ilharess Laele Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 21/Arachne 10/Divine Disciple 4/Heirophant 5/Aristocrat 5)

  • Umrae Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 25/Heirophant 5)

  • Faeryl Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 10/Arachne 10/Aristocrat 10)

  • Ginifae Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 18/Aristocrat 7)

  • Briza Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 12/Fighter 10)

  • Dhaunae Zauviir
    (CE female drow Cleric 10/Wizard 10)

  • Xull'rae Zauviir
    (NE female drow Cleric 5/Masked Traitor 2/Rogue 1/Fighter 1/Wizard 1/Inquisitor 1/Psionicist 4)

Ruling Family Members

  • House Wizard Valas Zauviir
    (NE male drow Wizard 20/Archmage 5/Wizard King 5)

  • House Weapons Master Lesaonar Zauviir
    (LN male drow Fighter 6/Devoted Defender 10/Weaponmaster 10)

  • House Patron Ilmryn Mylyl Zauviir
    (CE male drow Fighter 20/Warmaster 5)

  • House Elder Gelroos Zauviir
    (LE male drow)

Lay Worshipers & Affiliates

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