Eyes of Night

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Xull'rae invites you to...

Areas pertaining to Xull'rae

Journal on Xull'rae (Cogliostro's point of view)
A Record on Xull'rae (What Xull'rae's Cohort has collected)
Status (Character sheet, for player knowledge ONLY!)

Spiders crawl..spiders creep....
Welcome to the underground, dark and deep.
My eyes will hold you fast
and these dark hands will give you pain.
In my presense you will squirm
I am Drow, fear me, hate me..these things..soon you will learn.

Loyalty is scarce, friends are few in this
barren land to pay homage to chaos is a must.
Treachery and deceit rule here, all in honor
of the great and mighty Lloth. Gain her favor
is to be the mightiest of all the UnderDark
.....fail her and her wrath shall be upon
you swiftly and your anguish shall follow
you even after death. Tred lightly where
you walk and leave no witnesses behind.
Kill your way to the top..that is the
will of the powerful Spider Queen..

I remain her servent always..reeking
havok where I may!

Secrets hold many things and obscure the person you think you know. Is the truth hidden, or is it right in front of you all along? Were you blind or was it simply you could not face it? Skeletons lurk in every closet...

Ambitions are strong
stakes are high....
soon the time will come
the time to strike is nigh

shhhhhhhhh...whisper softly, they must not know. Stealth and subtlty are the key. ...Stay hidden, mask yourself. Play the Spiders game and weave a web like them..keep the charade going. The spiders have venom but so do we. The Shadow Lord is not blunt, he strikes quietly and so too we follow like him. Beware us lovers of the Spider Bitch for we are coming to you unaware..

We shall return one day to the surface and reign supreme!

Xull'rae. It rolls off the tongue like a soft hiss. A noble of House Zauviir, she is the youngest but most favored (at least the Matron's favorite) in the household. It is no surprise for this red head rose to priesthood in her 40's and has maintained her position for 30 years.

Being smaller than most females, with coppery colored hair and amber eyes, this priestess has a keen knack for survival. If she doesn't rule opponents through fear then she uses wit, manipulation and the ever rare and unusual truth.

An average drow, but at the same time adds uniqueness that once you see or know her will see how. If you are brave enough to approach.

"Help me please!
The darkness do you feel it...so cold...so very cold...
Shhh you can hear it can't you!? Say you can!
NO! I don't want to be left here..don't leave me..what if it finds me..?
I cannot escape it!"

While often eccentric and hot tempered, like most of her racial kin she holds secrets. Xull’rae has no story she wishes to tell, her past before arriving in Sshamath is known in bits and pieces. She had strong traits the matron admired; a strong will and an aspiration not ambition to be better and not be the best. Xull'rae's personality and outlook was as different as her hair, but two things shown above the rest: Her love of religion and the pride of her house. In this, her matron chose her successor. Xull'rae, not caring for power received it anyway, and now that she has some she truly is careful with it. With it comes a level of brutality and a clever mind.

"Let me play with you please..?
I like my toys..but they always break
You seem durable enough though
You know...scratch my back..I stab yours...
works for me!"

Pain is the absolute pleasure. It is the greater physical level that opens the doorway of reality. Are you willing to see your true self and scream in terror at what you find?

"Are you brave enough or does fear make you tremble where you stand..roothing you there?"

Rage pumps the blood making one feral and unstoppable. Ripping and tearing at flesh that is ever so soft as silk. Rip, rip, rip until nothing remains but the blooded gore of what was the poor thing that was the target.

"ahh the sweet sound of cracking..you won't be needing that finger..or that eye...does this hurt if I poke under the nail......"

Ecstasy clouds the mind in ultimate rapture. Oh but does it not feel so good..so divine? Tasting so delicious, making one yearn for more that they would do anything to gain that point and stay there.

"thats the feeling I get when I look at jewels..or when I see utter terror in the eyes of those that have fallen before me...sends a tingle right up my spine"

Demonic drive. Insantity envelopes you. From it there is no escape! Climb, crawl, wail and groan, nothing will ever come to the rescue. Doom is the fate dealt!

"There are worse things out there then Death..rest assured..there is..I'm one of those..."

Apathy hits. Numbness is a blessing. The troubles ahead do not matter. Danger is irrelevant. Press onward to the goal.

"with pride...I risk all...all for the expansion of my deity!"

Terror paralyzes..making victory oh so much sweeter. Tyrant is what name will be called out and written.

"There is no hiding from me...I will invade your nightmares..the name that shall be spoken of and written down will be mine...Xull'rae..for I am the seeker and I will find you..."

Opressor. Defiant, standing firm and strong. Creating havoc amongst the Order.

"Life would be boring if we followed the straight and narrow path..why not add some twists and turns along the way..it's more fun that way..plowing your own path..killing people along the way..it's a nice way to hurdle through obsticles"

Reflection. Looking back, realization hits that a thing would not be changed even if given a chance to reform.

"Damn straight..ready to see what I'm going to do next?"

(I'm not here to be impressive, but to play my char the way I designed her. SO, if you wanna cyber don't bother me and don't be a deliberate IDIOT either!)

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