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TOTAL IN OUR CAMPAIGN FROM 2001-2006: 48 characters, with 22 players
(8 characters in current play, 8 players listed, more to be added!)

Herein we present a little more insight into the members of our campaign's dysfunctional "family", and those with whom they frequently interact. Though some can be quite odd and divert from the stereotypes, each adds their own bit of flair, style, and uniqueness to the campaign.

©2004 commissioned art by Galindorf
Commissioned Artwork, No Use Without Express Written Permission

Xull'rae Zauviir
She is a quandary amongst her race, bearing both outer discrepancies with her flame-colored hair, and inner ones, by virtue of her secretive duality in venerating not only the Spider Queen, but her hated son and rival, the Masked Lord Vhaeraun, as well. This spirited and multi-talented drowess plays the most dangerous of games, striving to not only survive, but also to thrive in the face of insurmountable odds, and to further the goals of her disparate deities. Forced to work with Cogliostro by the decree of her Faith, she is an able, if oft times unruly, addition to the Vengeful Weave.

Alya Fret'tlar
Feel the wind, be one with the storm and follow with your blade as your soul guides you, this is her motto. Alya appears beautiful, confident and strong but unlike the rest of her drow sisters, she has an eerie calm to her nature. Alya is a loyal follower of the Masked Lord Vhaeraun and will continue to serve the church until her end. She has the discipline to be a powerful cleric but has remained as the protector of the clergy serving there cause with her double blade.

Vesz'aun Auvryath
Self-styled champion of the unspoken drow masses, this somewhat charming oddity of a drow male walks a twisted rendition of the Bladesinger's path. While oft times coming off as a simpleton and an annoyance to those who know him--a fact which causes many to mistakenly underestimate him--his meshed skills of swordplay and magic are quite considerable nonetheless. Freed now from the obsession over Xull'rae and his self-imposed shackles, the path which lay before him now remains unclear.

Dekar Longblade
While his exact origins remain a mystery, this pale-faced surface elf claims to be a reputed treasure hunter. A true free spirit, he comes and goes as he pleases, and is almost always willing to take up a new hunt. He came across the Vengeful Weave while following a lead, and has been (somewhat loosely) employed by Cogliostro since then. The fact that he is a surface elf surrounded by drow doesn’t seem to bother Dekar too much, though, recent events have called his employment into question. The elf remains almost irritatingly casual about things however, recently, the consequences of bargains made with a dark power have begun to rear their ugly head.

Quiet, thoughtful, and calculating at the age of 23, Nathvas is a suprising anomaly in the Underdark, as he is most likely the only half-drow wizard. How he became a wizard while the rest of his kind ended up as soldiers, no one knows except his house. He is the grandson to the Matron Felyn G'eld. He is a magical item provider for the church of Vhaeraun, working in return for resources and the potential to escape his family's house. He is also a jeweler who makes mundane items to be sold for profit. Nathvas has his own secrets that he hides and protects.

Venorik Silinrul
"Every act has its play." This is one thing he knows. "Forget the past, try to survive today, and plan for tomorrow" is another. Silent and deadly as his name implies, he is a loner by choice more than necessity. He forges his own trails through the dangerous wilds of the Underdark, and the equally treacherous realms of drow "civilization." Stoically accepting all that is thrown his way -- to the point of enraging those who try to inspire changes in his manner -- the warrior acts well his part, whether that part be commoner or noble-born, servant or high-ranking member of a powerful house. With an ever changing identity comes a different situation, ones he tends to get into time and time again. Too wild to be caged for too long he always finds some way out. Following others' direction when it suits his purpose, he ultimately serves his own designs. Though what those are is anybody's guess. Cunning, unpredictable, decidedly primal. He is the Silent Hunter.

Szordrin Xarann
Enigmatic, beguiling, and in possession of extreme arcane might, this drowic-guised Malaugrym weaves an intricate web of double-dealings, deceptions, and betrayals. Many of his "Peers" fear and mistrust him for good reason. Some even question his sanity, but never to his face of course!
Having crafted half-hearted pacts with both Cogliostro and the Church of Vhaeraun, he now finds himself nominally in their service, though his true plottings and interests revolve around his long-awaited vengeance on the mysterious being known as Malag'tel, and perhaps Cogliostro as well.

Zaele Vaur'nyth
Compassionate and beautiful, some things in odd combination to think of with a Drow, Zaele has always held a lighter hand at what to think and do in the area which has led him to exile of most of his kind. He was born a black sheep of the family a secret known to most only his closest of allies and enemies a like. His outlook on life changed as he was thrown out of House Vaur'nyth and managed escape to the city of Sshamath, now serving the order of Vhaeraun.
His time on the surface world brought him to his particular jack of all trades standing, having dabbled in the arts of divine magic and arcane magic, from fighting in the front to the stealth of a rogue. Friend and claimed brother of Xull'rae as well as a one sided alliance with Vesz'aun, his desire for the self proclaimed champion's style of fighting, all together giving his passion and his flirtatious nature color to the city of Dark Weavings, his now sole home in the Underdark.


(9 characters, 6 players listed.)

This section will be dedicated to those characters who are unable to join us on a regular basis, along with those characters who are registered under our house rules but not a permanent part of this particular campaign, and the varied players we game with from time to time on sidequests and such. If you are one of said "guests" and wish to be placed on the list, feel free to notify Cogliostro mun or Xull'rae mun.

©2004 Suechan
Commissioned Artwork, No Use Without Express Written Permission

Moryavewen Ssambra
Most who come in contact with this drowess would describe her as, well... strange. Her behavior is not often like most drow, though appearances can be quite deceiving. Much has yet to be learned about dear Mory, though she often thinks of the past. Having gone through the teachings of Lloth she was to become a priestess. Although that was quick to change, now she deals with magic and stays upon her path towards her goal. What goal? Well she hardly even knows. Though it is driven purely by the vengeance that was never fulfilled of her past.

Drazoul [ Deceased ]
Chaotic and vile by nature, yet largely different all the same due to his upbringing, this skilled Yaun-ti Halfbreed assassin strives to come to terms with a past that was more machinated than true, while vying for a place of dominance and survival amongst his newfound companions. Serving now under Cogliostro, he searches for a way to keep the depredations of both his Malaugrym "ally" and his former captor, Malag'tel, at bay.

A drow noble born to a mid level house, Seldsxar Olonrae quickly accepted his role as a male in a female driven society. Instead of bucking the system or resenting it, he accepted it and flourished. His matron mother placed him in the college of Sorceere to be trained in the arts of magic. But her reign was not long, and she never saw the hieghts of power or ambition her son arose to.

Taz'Doral, the Half breed was son of a Erinyes and ambitous drow male. Discovery of the incident led to the execution of his father and the babes release into the underdark. Living off of rats and other small prey the babe was rescued by Priests of Vhaeraun.He now wield his mighty blades in service to Vhaeraun and his Inquisitors.

Horock De'ath [ Deceased ]
Faithful of Vhaeraun, and one of the Masked Lord's more adept and powerful warriors, this drow male...who possesses a secret ancestry in a powerful bloodline of another finds himself struggling to piece together the truth about the conspiracy which was his childhood and to stave off the further machinations of those who crafted it.
Though he serves Cogliostro mostly by virtue of the pact between the human and Vhaeraun's church, this tenuous relationship may favor towards the human soon, as it appears more by the day that his church supports those who would harm or enslave him more than himself.
He is striving for self discovery and finding his drowic side hard to live by, often angry and frustrated his temper lands him in trouble more often than not.

Cyrus Starmoon


Nemesio Dreamweaver




(17 characters, 12 players listed.)

This section is for those that WERE in our campaign, that now have truly and officially resigned or have been kicked.

Oloth En'Wrathe

Loki En'Wrathe

Bloodhorn (DEAD)

Basha Grenbow (DEAD)


Ssirzn Nyr'zaun (DEAD)

Balithra Ztyla

Kalnohylon L'Abeth [ PC ]
Brutality and power does not begin to describe Kal, his nature as a drow and as a dragon all mixed together makes him one to never underestimate. Loyal servant to dragonkind he follows the teachings and faith of Tiamat of the dragons, his mother having been murdered before he knew her and his father a powerful shadow dragon. Kal governs the stronghold that has been completed, protecting his fathers lair as well as rimming the edge of the Phaerim prison. Kallanor, his given Drow name, has spent most of his career slaughtering the innocent and defiling areas of good. Self learned fighting ability in full heavy armor as well as mastery of fighting with the use of a shield has made him a dangerous opponent. His faith and combative ability only outdone by his intimidation, sharing in common with dragons the frightfulness of their kind when combined with his razor tongue, his brawn and his brutal nature leaves many giving him a wider path.

T.I. [ PC ]
The order of evil... This subtle creature takes many guises and all are alluring, charismatic and fully evil to the core. It is in a situation where Cogliostro possess' power over it, following his will and its own agendas while looking for loopholes to exploit, and souls to corrupt. The creature known as T.I. now weaves its own webs in Sshamath, while immolating others' strands.

"Breeze" (DEAD)

Tyths Zzil(DEAD)

Raen'Sszaghar (missing)



Amalthea (player kicked)

Calderis Drakuno [ PC ]
(Site still in progress!)
Life for him doubly disadvantageous, as if life wasn't hard enough being a Drow he is a disfigured one. Pegged a disgrace to all Drow because of his pigment he as an albino Drow male strives hard to survive the pressures society has so cruelly thrust upon his being. A loner by nature he is no different from his Ebony skinned kin, for he is equally conniving and callous. His driving force being thoughts of seeking vengeance on those who thought to humiliate him because of his condition, he simply bides his time until he is powerful enough to snuff out his oppressors.

Page Last Updated April 22nd, 2006


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