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Site Title

We are the scourge of the Underdark
We are the saviours to our kind
We are the devout
We are the enlightened
We are the true rulers by right
We are Drow
Beware us...

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The Underdark. Deepearth. The Realms Below. The Night Below. The Lightless Lands. These and many more names are given to the vast, lawless world that lies beneath the surface world, otherwise known as The Realms That See The Sun. Whatever you call it, it is a perilous wilderland of dark caverns, crevices, and labyrinthine passages. No surface dweller has ever seen all it's depths and corners, nor encountered the countless unknown beasts that lurk within it's lightlessness.
Despite being such a desolate and dangerous place, it is teeming with life, even holding vast cities that rival some of those on the surface. Drow, Illithids, Beholders, Svirfneblin, Duergar, and a plethora of other races call the Underdark their home. Join us, as a misfit band of these peoples fight for survival and dominance in this harsh, subterranean land....

©2005 Liz Chesterman Commissioned Artwork, No Use Without Express Written Permission

Sshamath, the City of Dark Weavings, is where our "esteemed" group of adventurers hang their hats. But they have a penchant for traveling abroad, sometimes having adventures of their own, apart from the rest.
Tales are told of other more famous cities, some of which have even spread among the surface realms. So is this motley band of cutthroats and thieves Villainous or Heroic? You decide.
If you ever visit the great city of magic, be sure to stop by the Vengeful Weave Inn. There you can find good food, great wine...and even better women. Oh, and mayhaps you'll see one of our "hero's" which the tales speak of. Rumors say a drowess with hair the color of flame is there. Should be interesting to see, yes?
So brave explorer, what will it be? Will you stay and browse awhile, or will you flee back to your lighted land? Be careful in your decision..we ARE watching you!

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Page Last Updated January 28th, 2006


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