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Site Title

The Descent into Darkness campaign & resource site is dedicated to our online gaming project in the Underdark of the Forgotten Realms.

This campaign originally developed offline, due to my (Lisa's) need to break away from my own creations (both a character and race, that are still in the works), not to mention my frustration with AOL's online roleplaying world of Rhy'Din and it's cesspool of guilds and forums. My fiancé, Mike, who's currently the DM, introduced me to AD&D, and a short while later, to D&D 3.0. I already knew of drow from Salvatore's Drizzt novels, and thought that it would be cool to make a campaign based around the race. Well, the offline part flopped because we moved twice, in fairly rapid succession (then later a third time, out of state altogether), combined with the fact that some of the gamers were not comfortable with such a dark, evil setting.

So, we took it online in July of 2001, and it quickly flourished. So much so, that we made a website for the players to use as a reference source, that had quickly spread to many people on the World Wide Web, and became more popular than the campaign itself. Now the main purpose of the site itself is to be a comprehensive online source dedicated to the gathering of any (official) Underdark and Drow information that we can find. (Eventually we will put up Drow info from alternate d20 sources; it just took a while to talk Mike into it). The campaign itself continues to run, despite a plethora of trials and tribulations over the past handful of years, and this site continues to grow as new products are published, for both the sake of our players and the public.

With that in mind, let it be said that we are in no way gaining profit or intending to be a company by maintaining this site. Proper credits and references are being given where due, and we are utilizing and running this site for roleplaying reference information only. If anything on this site is unruly or violating any laws we have not researched, please contact us immediately. We do not wish a lawsuit over something that was created and continues to run under the intentions of being a fun and free source for both our players and anyone interested in the genre to use.

Now, another disclaimer: Despite how much we would like to be, we are NOT affiliated with Wizards of the Coast® company, nor its assorted labels such as Dungeons & Dragons® or the Forgotten Realms® in any way, shape, or form. We are just a fan of them! Please resort to our FAQ section for further answers to questions you may have about the site and/or the campaign.

The guidelines for our campaign can be found in our House Rules. Player respect should also be followed and understood. These two sections should be thoroughly read and adhered to if you wish to actually join our campaign and become (and remain) one of our players.

The setting
Has its own section. In general it's set in the Underdark city of Sshamath, and focuses on Vhaeraun's church, The Tower of the Masked Mage. To be even more particular, it revolves mainly around a young Masked Traitor of said church, Xull'rae Zauviir.

A more complete write up will be done at a later time, perhaps. For now, lets read a bit about we, the site hosts, and those involved in the campaign!

Now you'll have to put up with me (Xull'rae Mun)! Yipee right? ^_^ Anyway, some short tid bit stuff about me...hmmm I'm 24, and taken by my Ogre: Mike. I have two dogs, Babie and Ginger. I love designing web pages which I'm sure you can see if you take a glance at this site, as well as take note I love to roleplay. Other boring things to know is that I read, write stories (not published), play Playstation, blah blah blah..not very interesting, yes? Move onward, right? I agree, lets do that...

If you want to know more of me and what I'm up to, then read my very boring ramblings.

This is me and Mike..handsome isn't he? Yes I know and I love don't get any ideas folks..and yes I'm short..4' measured christmas..of 2002

These are our dogs! Babie is the yellow chihuahua and Ginger is the slightly bigger reddish brown miniature pinscher...aren't they cute?

P.S. shhhhhhhh but Babie is the brat among the two and the meaner one..ya know..that lil dog syndrome that they think they are the biggest baddest dog...but in truth she's just the biggest sissy and cry baby...but shhh don't tell her that! ^_^

Heh, alright, alright, Mike here. Ho-kay then, much, what to say, what to say....
Hmm, I think Lisa pretty much covered everything 'bout us personally...bah, heck with this, I've got site revisions to do! Keep reading this though, as I've tossed a few words up about the general gist of the site and the campaign itself below (which yes, was covered by Lisa somewhere above, but I'm putting my two cents in).

This site deals primarily with our gaming group's personal Underdark campaign, which is run primarily online nowadays. However, as you can see, we are trying to offer as much information as possible about the Forgotten Realms Underdark setting and the drow, so that even those who do not to game with us may find something useful from this site. The main setting of our campaign is Sshamath, the City of Dark Weavings, a Drow refuge where male Wizards are in charge, and Lolth's female clergy are given a very secondary position in society. This has been done primarily to give a far different play setting than the normal female and Lolth dominated society of Menzoberranzan.

We use D&D version 3.5 as our basic gaming rules, supplemented with information from various other d20 products, as well as some of our own House Rules.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for our site, please feel free to submit them through our Feedback form at the bottom of the main page. We are adding information as quickly as possible, but as we've got other websites to run besides this one (and new products come out monthly), things go slow at times. Updates are made almost daily, so please stop back frequently if our site is of interest. And by all means, if you like what you see, feel free to submit a character idea and join in with us.

Page Last Updated May 26th, 2005


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