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Gaming community, Forums & chat, Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...

Site Title

We the web creators realize the importance of links. Related sites of the subject you came to look for. So below is our collection, though small, of what we found to be useful resources and information.

If you find a broken link, or have one to add, please submit it HERE If you want it added to the site, then please use the contact option at the top of this page.

We also do link exchanges and below our links are those exchanges, some no longer exist sad to say, but we are honorable and keep them up.


[ Webmaster's Note: We recently cleaned out a lot of dead links from this page, and have not had time to place any more on here yet. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and for the lack of material herein. ]

AD&D Resource Wizards of the Coast

One of the largest sites dedicated to the d20 system on the World Wide Web, full of information, artwork and litature. The main character that Realms of Evil is centered around is a drow lich that eventually surpassed Velsharoon in power and stole the God of Necromancy's portfolios. <---- WORTH CHECKING OUT!!

Gaming community, Forums & chat, Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...
A very informative site containing information and discussion areas on a wide variety of gaming topics, genres, and products, including computer and console games, along with various RPGs. We highly recommend taking a look!

This site is maintained by Thibault Sarlat (aka: Clenarius 36th level mage), a French Mystara Mailing List member whose passion is to collect all the maps ever made for the Mystara setting. There, you'll find Maps, Gazetteers and Resources for all the continents of the Mystara setting

This is attempt to reproduce an area of the Dungeons and Dragons gameworld the Forgotten Realms known as the Dalelands.
How? By using Neverwinter Nights: and its official expansion packs (Hordes of the Underdark and Shadows of Undrentide): to create a persistent world for roleplay and adventure. We don't intend to use any custom expansions (or hak packs, as they are known), so anyone should be able to play. We are aiming for a fun environment for roleplayers, with plenty of quests, actions and live DMing.

This site is maintained by Cyber_Goku a very nice person who gave us our first Award for our Site. His site is way cooler though with interesting downloads, and of course is the # 1 Elf Resource on the net. Sad to say this site is no longer on the web!

Conisder; you have entered a dimension of site and no sound what so ever. Where alternate sanity reigns supreme and people just want to take over the world so they can use it as a billiard ball. That place after you take four rights... The Weirdo Zone!

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