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© 2004 Commissioned art by Kay Allen
Paid for this - do NOT steal or even use, unless given permission!

The above picture is of Xull'rae Zauviir and Vesz'aun Auvryath, the character's that are property of the webmaster's of this site and runners of the campaign.

Well Met, fellow seekers of adventure and knowledge. Herein we will detail the various aspects of our campaign for your perusal, in order that you may get to know a little more about us and our doings. Perhaps this will also serve as incentive for you to join in our adventures.

This campaign --more a crusade of evil most times -- revolves around a misfit band of adventurers living in Sshamath, the City of Dark Weavings, a sizable metropolis located in the Underdark of Faerun. While most of the ragtag fellowship consists of accursed, dark-skinned Drow elves, a smattering of other races known for their vile nature can be found within its ranks. If you hadn't caught on by now, these folk are far from your stereotypical heroes found in the standard dungeon-delving and dragon-slaying campaign. Should you decide to walk the paths of darkness with us, be forewarned that as often as not, the blade or spell which seeks your demise will come from one of your erstwhile companions....





This campaign is rated "R" and as such people wishing to join should be at least 18 years of age, as Sexual Situations, Vulgarity, and Violence are quite common. Any of those younger than 18 may still join, but we are not responsible for your being exposed to any inappropriate situations or language that will arise during game play. Joining the campaign equates to your consent and forewarned knowledge of the above.

Please read the Player Conduct rules and guidelines before you decide to join, to give you further insight into what we expect of players (as well as what players should expect of us), and to simply give you more of a feel of how things run. Much as the disclaimer above, joining the campaign equates to your knowledge of and consent to abide by the rules presented therein.

If you have read the above disclaimer and campaign guidelines, and agree to abide by them, then by all means feel free to submit a character concept to our waiting list.
Before doing so, however, please take one final step towards determining if we are the gaming group for you, by visiting our House Rules page. Therein we detail the d20 variations we use which stray from the standard D&D game mechanics. For reference, we use the D&D version 3.5 rules as the base mechanics.
By doing this step beforehand, we can be assured that you understand the variations and are agreeable to our personal style of play. Also, be aware that this is a heavily story-driven campaign, fraught as much or more with perils of intrigue and backstabbing than with the simple hacking down of one's enemies. If such a venture is not your preferred style, then twould be best if we part company peacefully here and now.

If you still desire to submit a character concept, there is no need to involve any game mechanics information, just a basic idea for, and outline of the character such as race and desired classes, outlook, history, etc.
Though we do not require folk to have an extensive knowledge of the D&D game rules, or of the Forgotten Realms setting, we do ask that you at least be familiar with the basics of both before submitting a character.

Be advised that while this site does offer a decent amount of gaming reference material, it is far from complete, so it is best if you have some relevant books of your own to aid in character creation. In so far as the setting goes, we use only "canon" --meaning official-- material (including that from FR novels), but for other aspects of the campaign we utilize a wide variety of unofficial d20 products and information.

Above and beyond all else, our group strives to attain a fun, friendly (out of character, at least) atmosphere where we can all let our imaginations unfold, and our stories be told. Though the characters are of an evil bent, they are also three dimensional--villains with depth of character beyond "kill, maim, destroy" every moment of their lives, who do have weaknesses and at least minimal understanding of concepts such as friendship, and perhaps even love. If this seems like the place and people for you, please come JOIN in the foibles and frivolities of life on the "wrong side of the tracks".

Page Last Updated May 9, 2005


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