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© 2003 Maggie I. Wang

Every adventuring character needs merchants to buy from, tavern wenches to ply the hours of the night with, and opponents to slay. Therefore, we offer a glimpse at some of the background characters that will come to play often in the course of the campaign.
To ease the loading time, we've broken down the more graphic intensive groups into separate linked pages. Please do visit the following for a further glimpse of the npcs who make our adventurers' lives a living hell.

The Vengeful Weave Inn Staff

The Tower of the Masked Mage

The Web of the Spider Queen

Miscellaneous Personalities

Business-like and a tad arrogant most times, this olive skinned, seemingly ageless arcanist serves as mentor and employer to the newly formed "adventuring band", the Vengeful Weave.

Twisted by the passing of ages, the downfall of his House, and even by his very nature, this Draegloth now serves as council and companion to the enigmatic drowess, Xull'rae Zauviir.

Appearing as nothing more than a flippant, oft times charming, and arrogant drow warrior, cloaked in secrets which, if revealed, would turn even his own peoples' heads in disgust and revile, this mysterious figure treads somewhere between ally and enemy of our nefarious band of adventurers.

This man is a quandary among quandaries, being immortal, immoral, and insane. He is the most honorable of knights, yet the most despicable of curs. Tied to the human mage, Cogliostro, in ways neither would like to admit, none can fathom what his true aims and motives are from one moment to the next, nor where his oft times befuddled loyalties lay.

Calimar Arkhenneld
(CE male drow lich Enchanter 40/Archmage 5/Loremaster 8/Spellfire Channeler 1)
Master Emeritus of the School of Enchantment, Calimar is the premier creator of magical items in Sshamath. Well over thirteen hundred years of age, the Spellbinder has created literally hundreds of unique magical items, many copied from artifacts brought back from the ruins of ancient Netheril. Calimar cares little for the day-to-day politics of Sshamath, having long ago given his undying heart to serving the will of the Lady of Mysteries (Mystra).

Conclave of Sshamath

Master of Abjuration Masoj Dhuunyl
(NE male drow Abjurer 40/Archmage 2)

Master of Conjuration Urlryn Khalazza
(CE male drow Conjurer 28/Acolyte of the Skin 10)

Master of Divination Seldszar Elpragh
(LE male drow Diviner 40/Loremaster 6)

Master of Elemental Magic Antatlab of the Shaking Stones
(NE male drow* Earth Elementalist 26/Elemental Savant-Earth 10)

Master of Enchantment Malaggar Xarann
(CE male drow Enchanter 37/Mindbender 10/Sorcerer 1)

Master of Evocation Krondorl Waeglossz
(CE male drow Evoker 40/Archmage 2)

Master of Illusion Felyndiira T'orgh
(CE female drow Illusionist 40)

Master of Mages Guldor Zauviir
(CE male drow Wizard 33/Archmage 5)

Master of Necromancy Tsabrak of the Blood
(CE male drow vampire Necromancer 35/Sorcerer 1)

Master of Transmutation Shurdriira Helviiryn
(CE female drow Transmuter 40/Archmage 4)

Page Last Updated May 26th, 2005


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