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The drow do not interact well with the various other sentient races of Faerun. At best, the drow think of other races as merely laughable or contemptible. They hold low opinions of even their erstwhile allies, such as the kuo-toa. Drow maintain a grudging respect for duergar and mind flayers, since the gray dwarves and illithids also build powerful cities and have demonstrated the strength to stand up to repeated assaults from the dark elves, but all the same, they are not considered equals.

Against most other races, the only way the drow know how to act is with hatred and outright war. They have built up powerful city-states based on the notion that the path to power lies in the subjugation of lesser races and the eradication of those who pose a threat to their homes.
The true focus of drow hatred, though, is reserved for the surface elves. They act quickly and cruelly to seize any chance to bring pain, suffering, and death to other elves they encounter. Even evil-aligned surface elves that they come across are seen as enemies.

Prisoners captured in drow raids and battles are usually brought back to the cities to serve out the remainder of their lives as slaves. Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, and other savage humanoids are common slaves. Most drow households have two to three such slaves for every drow in the house. The breeding and selling of slaves is a thriving business in drow cities, because these hapless thralls perform all menial and unskilled labor in a drow city. (For more information on this subject, visit the Drow Slaves link on the sidebar).
Prisoners of certain merit, namely those such as surface elves (who are usually killed rather than captured) sometimes receive a special place upon the altars of deities such as Lolth. Such sacrifices are reserved only for these higher status prisoners in most cases.

Despite all this, drow do keep trade open with various other races, mostly due to the necessity of such ventures in a land like the Underdark where resources are oft times hard to come by. Drow sometimes even enter into truces and military alliegances with other races when the need arises, but these affairs are by nature temporary, as it's only a matter of time until the drow turn on their allies.

Drow on the surface, as a whole, have yet to form anything resembling a true society, for the most part living in small semi-nomadic bands or as singular outcasts and hermits. There are those who are well on their way to forming such, however, notably in areas such as Cormanthor where followers of Vhaeraun are carving themselves homes in the old elven haunts and ruins.

Page Last Updated March 1st, 2005


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