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Site Title

I (Xull'rae mun) do not like applying for awards..those that know me well are aware that my site of two years, a non-drow site, has no awards because I have not been awarded anything and I don't APPLY to win awards. Mike, the DM and the one who provided all DnD info, also agrees with me on this matter ^_^ . So saying, we both take very great pride at any awards that have been given to us!

The first award below is one I'm extremely proud of since it is the first award I have ever received in my 3 years of self taught web design!
It was given to us because of the content (thanks to Mike for his hard work) AND the look of the site (me!) SO this one Mike and I both deserve!

Subj: Descent Into Darkness has won the Elves' Realm Bladesinging Award for October 2001!
Date: 11/12/2001 2:24:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jon 'Cyber Gouki' Thysell)

To: The webmaster of Descent Into Darkness:

Congratulations! Your site, Descent Into Darkness, has won the Elves' Realm Bladesinging Award for October 2001! The Bladesinging Award is an award given to those sites that are deemed worthy of even elven praise. We look at both the content and design of the site when determining the month's winner.

THIS AWARD was Awarded November 12th, 2001

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